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Nutrition value of elk and bison

Compare grain fed and
grass fed animals*

Kind of meat fat grams colories KCAL cholesterol mg
grain fed
9.28 211 86
grain fed
2.42 143 82
grass fed
2.12 103 51
grass fed
1.9 146 73
Chicken 7.41 190 89
Pork 9.66 212 86
10.96 216 87

*From the USDA Nutritional Data Base

Advantages of natural pasture raised
buffalo and elk meat

  • Less fat
  • Fewer calories
  • More omega-3 fatty acids
  • Higher congulated linoleic acid (cancer fighting agent)
  • More beta-carotene
  • Better flavor
  • Lower risk of e. coli

Why buy from us?

  • Our elk and bison are fed a diet of 100% pasture grasses and harvested hay, never any grain
  • Our animals are not given any hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • The Colorado State Veterinarian’s Office has certified our elk herd free of CWD.  We have been voluntarily monitoring our herd for the disease since April 1996, one of the first herds in the nation
  • All elk are tested for the disease before the meat is processed
  • All our meat is USDA inspected, professionally processed, and vacuum packaged. There are no nitrates added to any of our meat products