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Dave & Sue Whittlesey
27497 Buffalo Road
Hotchkiss, CO 81419
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you use the “rinse and chill” process on your carcasses like they do with the buffalo sold in Kroger, Whole Foods, Safeway and other large chain stores? No, We do not add anything to our meat. The “rinse and chill” process injects a saline solution in the vascular system to “rinse” out the blood.

2. Where is your meat processed? We use a small local USDA Inspected processor in Fruita.

3. Are your elk and buffalo fed any corn or other grains? No, never. We just feed pasture grasses and harvested hay from our pastures.

4. Do you add preservatives to your meats? No.

5. Do you add MSG to your jerky or sausages? No.

6. Do you give tours of your ranch? Yes and there is no charge. We give tours by appointment only, so please phone 970.835.7600 in advance to schedule a time.

7. Do you ship meat? Yes, we ship via Fedex Second Day for out of state orders. Shipping out of Colorado shipping costs start at $30 and increases due to weight and distance. Colorado shipments are shipped Fedex Ground and arrive in 2 days and run $25-$30 depending on quantities. All meat orders are shipped on Mondays.

8. Do you flash freeze your meat? No, our processor has a small freezer room that they have additional fans in to move the cold air around. It takes 4-5 hours to freeze the meat this way.

9. Do you sell fresh (never frozen) meat? No.

10. How often do you process meat? We process once a month beginning the 1st of June and go until early December. We process elk bulls in the summer, before the “rut” and females before and after that depending on demand.

11. Do you sell meat at the ranch? Yes, it is best to phone ahead if you are coming out to the ranch to purchase meat and schedule a time for us to meet you, since we are out working around the ranch most of the time.

12. Do you ship Jerky? Yes, we ship jerky Monday thru Thursday via Priority Mail. Shipping starts at $7 for 4 packages of jerky. The cut off time for same day shipping is 10am Mountain time.

13. Do you ship Elk Antler Capsules or Elk Velvet Antler Strips for Dogs? Yes, we ship Monday thru Thursday via Priority Mail. Shipping on 4 Bottles of the capsules or 3 bags of the strips for dogs is $8. The cut off time for same day shipping is 10am Mountain time.

14. Do you offer package meat deals? Yes, we offer an assortment of elk and/or buffalo meat for $105, a $115 value. Call for details.

15. Do you sell quarter, half or whole elk? No.

16. Do you sell quarter, half or whole bison? No.

17. Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we accept Visa and MasterCard over the phone.

18. Do you take orders over the internet? We do not offer a shopping cart on our website. But we can take reorders via

19. Is your meat dry aged? Yes.
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